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On August 6th, 2021 the Infinity Token contract was deployed (Fair Launched) and $IT became available for trading on Liquidity is locked for an initial period of 2 years via Unicrypt. The idea behind Infinity Token is to allow anyone, of any means, to take advantage of the huge financial potential of cryptocurrency mining. $IT is described as a “proportional re-distributive token powered by cryptocurrency mining” — 10% of each transaction is taxed, 5% of which is used to fund the Infinity Mining mining rig farm, and 5% of which is redistributed as Ethereum to holders of Infinity Token in proportion to the amount of supply they hold out of the available 5 billion tokens. Our partnership with the Fair Token Project ( allows Infinity Token to employ the FTP app which provides passive Ethereum rewards to all holders.

Example graphic demonstrating potential passive Ethereum income for Infinity Token holders

If there was any doubt about the future projected profitability of cryptocurrency mining, look no further than an article published recently by The article showed that a mandatory SEC filing from June 30, 2021 showed “Blackrock the world’s largest asset manager with $9 trillion in assets, has taken significant stakes in two bitcoin miners 6.71% in Marathon Digital Holdings and 6.61% in Riot Blockchain. This disclosure comes after Fidelity Group recently revealed that it had taken similarly large stakes in the bitcoin miners.” These disclosures are a very strong signal of the future expected profitability of Bitcoin and Ethereum mining operations.

The Infinity Token project is community-driven in several ways. Firstly, the Infinity mining operation will be built and run in a decentralized manner, meaning individual warehouse locations will be operated and maintained by vetted Infinity Token holders who are also active community members. A DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization) has been established to provide holders of at least 10 million tokens with the ability to vote on decisions that affect the future direction of the project. The voting system uses weighting so that all holders have a say in proportion to their holdings. Finally, we have a hash-power purchase program on our Roadmap — down the line interested parties will be able to purchase a set amount of mining rig hash power with their Infinity Tokens, giving $IT true utility.

The concept that drives Infinity Token in a shareable graphic

The project is defined by what we term the “Infinite Cycle”. Trading volume generate the funds required to build out a large crypto mining operation based on the 5% transaction tax which is dedicated to this purpose. Both Bitcoin and Ethereum mining rigs will be acquired, with a current target ratio of 70% BTC miners and 30% ETH miners. Net profits from the miners will then be used for token buybacks which will stabilize and increase the price of Infinity Token in addition to increasing token liquidity. A proportion of mining rig profits can also be utilized to purchase more mining rigs, thus allowing for larger and/or more frequent buybacks in the future. Bottom line, $IT holders are able to benefit from cryptocurrency mining without all of the associated hassle.

On August 29th, 2021 the first Infinity Token Bitcoin miner was deployed in a test environment. The Canaan AvalonMiner 1246 features a hashrate of 90TH/s and a power consumption of 3420 Watts. In the coming weeks and months, the quantity of $IT mining rigs will grow at an increasing rate and the Infinite Cycle of Infinity Token will officially begin.

Infinity Token Verified Contract Address: 0x7fe4fbad1fee10d6cf8e08198608209a9275944c

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Proportional redistributive token powered by cryptocurrency mining — “What’s Mined Is Yours” — Claim ETH @ (Coming Soon)

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Infinity Token

Infinity Token

Proportional redistributive token powered by cryptocurrency mining — “What’s Mined Is Yours” — Claim ETH @ (Coming Soon)

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